Satori Software Inc.

From data processing to post-sort and entry planning, prepare USPS compliant mailings without the aggravation of deciphering complex postal regulations. Satori Software will provide the support you need to help your mailing operation thrive now and into the future.

Satori Software delivers contact data quality and mailing preparation solutions, including address validation and correction, postal sorting and data enhancement. Organizations that use Satori products and services reap the benefits of highly accurate contact information, reduced returned mail, faster delivery times, better internal efficiency and the opportunity to maximize postage discounts.

Our USPS CASS and PAVE Gold certified mailing software offer address correction, appends, 48-month NCOALinkâ® updates and fully support USPS Intelligent Mail® requirements. With the addition of the Postalsoft Presort software, we support mailers of all levels, from those who prefer wizard-based processing to production mailers who need automated, document management systems and advanced sorts. Our post-sort solutions, Monticello and the EasyTrack mail stream monitoring service allow you to provide additional services, reports, and value, to your customers.

Satori Software works actively with key industry associations including PostCom, MTAC, IDEAlliance and AMSP to provide you with the latest industry news. Our participation ensures that our mailing solutions deliver all the functionality you need to achieve the best postage discounts. Plus, improving the accuracy and integrity of lists results in a better return on investment for your clients.

Satori Software, a Neopost company since 2009, has delivered industry-leading address management solutions for over 30 years. With U.S. Headquarters in Seattle, WA and a European Office in London, U.K., Satori Software customers include leaders in healthcare, financial services, education, direct marketing, fundraising and US federal and state agencies.

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